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What is The West Wing?

The West Wing is the official youth think tank of and for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As a youth think tank, we advise the ministry on various areas of Dutch foreign policy.

 The West Wing has grown tremendously since its inception in 2015. What began as a think tank for the Western Hemisphere Directorate, hence the name The West Wing, has now grown into a think tank for the entire Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We also now collaborate with other ministries and organizations. The West Wing consists of a carefully selected group of about 50 young professionals and students from various study backgrounds. Every year, a new group of members volunteer their time for a year to make the voice of the younger generation heard in Dutch foreign policy.

Annual planning

Alongside is The West Wing's annual schedule for 2023-2024. Please note that these dates are subject to change!


Why is The West Wing important for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

By involving The West Wing in policy development, young people, on the one hand, get an inside look at the State Department. On the other hand, The West Wing is a way to promote interaction between young academics, young professionals and Ministry staff. West Wing members' insights and advice are very valuable to the Ministry: ideas are often creative and innovative. The West Wing is unique because its members provide a fresh perspective on issues that policymakers deal with on a daily basis.

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Why is The West Wing important to youth?

As a member of The West Wing, you will be intensively involved in policy making for a year. And that means thinking 'out of the box' during brainstorming sessions, studying literature and reports, and engaging in discussions with ministry policy staff. You will also participate in events and visit external organizations to come up with inspiring new ideas. Being actively involved in The West Wing is an incredibly fun, but above all, educational and challenging experience. It offers you a chance to actively engage with the world around you and present the vision of young people to the ministry.


Want to participate in The West Wing?

Each September, the application period for new track members takes place. For those interested in a role on the board, the application period for this usually takes place around May. Applications during the year outside of these specific application periods will not be considered. Please keep an eye on our website and social media channels for the exact application periods.

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